ZS Enterprises (2015) Ltd. is a division of ZS Enterprises Ltd. 

ZS Enterprises Ltd. was founded more than 25 yeas ago with the goal of providing top quality, good value and a sense of pride to the home owners, architects and builders, specializing in architectural sheet metal, metal art, and custom design – in Europe and North America. Gradually, ZS has become one of the most recognized smaller professional firms in the industry for delivering the top quality products at the best value, so expanding successful business to provide another top quality product to Canadian market is a logical choice.

Our mission and business philosophy stays the same, that is: make your dealings with ZS Enterprises welcoming and friendly, where you can make a decision with comfort and confidence. Our expert staff will provide you with all the facts about the materials, design, technologies we use and all the rationale, you need, to make the right choice and decision.

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