Be it classical, futuristic or rustic, the entrance door is a jewel of the house. Engineers and designers at Kneer are aware of the fact that the front door of a house tells the story about  it’s occupants. Therefore, they work diligently to customize every door to any design specifications, allowing complete flexibility on dimensions and colour. We offer a wide selection of front and sliding doors for every design need.

Kneer doors are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and design and have received numerous certifications in Germany where they are manufactured.

Luxury is a concept that gains new meaning with Kneer-Südfenster. With the premium-quality product, aluminium-wood front doors, the highest demands are met, leaving a lasting impression and special appeal to the senses. Look forward to the unique combination of nature and technology as well as to the perfect front door with distinctive design!

  • As a highlight in the Modern door variation, the door leaf on the inside and outside is flush mounted. In addition to that the interior appearance is not compromised with the completely concealed hinges
  • Warm semi-matt satin finished natural wood tones and opaque colour tones in the interior
  • Now also in precious woods from cherry, oak, teak, alder, maple and walnut tree for a pleasing living ambience
  • A powder-coated aluminium shell protects the valuable front door from the effects of the weather
  • On request with state-of-the-art completely concealed hinges for the front door



The appearance of an entrance area to a home has always been accorded great significance. After all front doors are expressions of personal tastes.

At the front door visitors are already put into the picture of the individuality, style and taste of their host. 

  • Various types of wood like pine, spruce, meranti, larch and oak
  • A four-level colour composition according to the latest technological findings guarantees optimal protection and consequently the durability of your front door. Also a bicolour option on request
  • Design freedom – Simply send us a sketch or image and describe your envisage! Get creative with wood types, vision panels, colours, shapes. design your dream front door



The good heat insulation of the front door made from UPVC is combined with a high-quality and easy to clean aluminium cladding. The new aluminium-UPVC product group combines the advantages of two different, high-quality materials in one front door.

The high quality component of the aluminium powder coating guarantees durability and colour fastness as well as timeless design.



A lovingly designed entrance hall gives us the feeling of being welcomed with open arms and delights us with every new day. Guests instinctively feel: “I am welcome here!”

A front door is not merely a basic commodity. It reflects the personality of the house owner and triggers emotions.

  • A myriad of colour options
  • Front doors made from UPVC also come with a coloured acrylic surface for the exterior
  • A door leaf concealing version is available on request – gives the door a flair of its own




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