Today modern windows are hi-tech products offering the maximum in energy saving for the most favourable feel-good indoor climate. Whether it is newly constructed building or a house that has been updated energy intelligently – energy efficiency that pays off is key!


The design, size, and colour of windows are instrumental in determining the look of a building facade and will affect the atmosphere of the interior spaces. We expect exceptional living comfort, luxury, a healthy feel-good indoor climate and greater quality of life from modern windows. Light-flooded rooms put us in a good mood, fill us with warmth and help us to feel comfortable

Coloured windows give a building facade design a distinct customised emphasis and will turn your house into a distinctive eye-catcher.


Our modern insulation glass selection fulfils the most diverse demands. The main function of all insulation glass is excellent heat insulation. This can be combined with the characteristics of our speciality glass selection.

Kneer-Südfenster products are equipped as standard with a high-quality heat insulating double glass with low E coating and gas filling. Triple glazing with lowest thermal transmittance, is used for maximum energy saving requirements.

A highly insulating spacer in the clearance between the panes (“warmedge”) is available optionally, to achieve highest insulating performance.


Wood-Aluminum Clad
Experience the unique combination of nature and technology. Look forward to the perfect window with distinctive design and luxurious interior appearance!

  • 12 precious woods on choice for a pleasing living ambience
  • warm, semi-matt satin finished natural wood tones and opaque colour tones in the interior
  • protective four-layer-colour application for long-live wood preservation the powder-coated aluminium
  • clad protects the valuable window from weather effects
  • proven performance for air infiltration, water penetration and structural wind load
  • fixed glazing with concealed innovative fastening technology of the decorative bead groove
  • very narrow visual widths make for a filigreed appearance




Wood is still regarded as a marvel of nature. Even though inroads have been made by advanced materials with highly specialized characteristics, the wooden window in all its beauty and universality cannot be rivalled. Wood has been in vogue for centuries. The natural and comfortable stylishness turns your home into a feel-good oasis to be enjoyed.

  • Various wood types like: pine, spruce, meranti, Siberian larch, oak, cherry, walnut, maple, Douglas fir, alder and teac
  • Layer-bonded wood scantlings guarantee maximum strength and torsion freedom
  • Warm natural wood colour tones and opaque colour tones
  • Protective four-layer colour application for long-life wood preservation and bicolour options on request
  • Design freedom be it contemporary, classical or traditional for the heritage-listed building sector




Wood Windows For Historic Buildings
Currently there is an enormous demand, for exclusive windows from the perspective of the renovation of heritage-listed buildings. Sought after are wood-framed windows for heritage-listed buildings with the look and feel they had many centuries ago using technology of today. With individual, creative solutions, a flair for detail and modern technology, sophisticated concepts can materialize. Be they weatherboards, baffle plates or capitals: we offer the right solution for every challenge.

  • State-of-the-art window technology for the care of heritage-listed buildings
  • Best protection from driving rain thanks to additional weatherboards
  • A wide variety of design options with authentic decorative profile
  • Due to constructional changes no water drainage rail is required in the case of period-style windows




Windows – once only one building component of many – today decisively shape facade design with their size, design, colour and arrangement and determine the atmosphere of interior rooms. Aesthetics and quality, timeless elegance and filigreed appearance – these all make up what today’s building contractors require from a window. Kneer-Südfenster UPVC windows perfectly fulfil these diverse wishes.

  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics achieved with thick-walled multi-chamber profile geometry
  • Practically scuff-proof and easy to maintain
  • Outstanding structural and physical characteristics
  • Window design combined with state-of-the-art fitting technology with a matt silver appearance
  • Design freedom irrespective of whether contemporary, classical or traditional for the heritage-listed sector
  • Lift and slide doors, parallel tilt and sliding doors, parallel sliding doors, folding sliding doors, pivot windows, arched and segmental arch windows available entirely in line with your wishes




Aluminum UPVC
There are windows that show great promise in every respect: their look, the material they are manufactured from and the multitude of optional extras they can come with. Let the “two facets of a window” impress and inspire you. UPVC on the inside and aluminium on the outside.

  • good thermal insulation thanks to the UPVC multi-chamber profile
  • high-quality, easy to clean aluminium cladding in your preferred colour
  • the window systems combine the advantage of two different high-quality materials in one window
  • the excellence of the aluminium powder coating guarantees durability and colourfastness
  • easy to maintain, service-friendly and refreshingly brightly coloured
  • special designs like parallel tilt and slide doors, lift-slide doors are available




Windows made from aluminium offer maximum quality, as well as safety and security. Their classical lines serve to perfect the contemporary building style. High usability – even under extreme demand and a trouble-free functionality are guaranteed. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to design and colour scheme.




Passive House Windows
The strongest four – New benchmarks when it comes to energy saving

A new dimension in comfortable living. These windows are built with outstanding insulation characteristics which clearly-maximise their energy saving capability – convert to the future.

The aluminium-wood and wood systems are equipped with a engineered, innovative and ecologically-friendly solid wood scantlings with grooves air chambers without using insulation foam.




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